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The Official Fan Page

Dear Rin Fans,
Hanabusa and all her fans have been through some tough times. However, we must not lose hope. We fans must stick together and show our support and appreciation for her work. I truely would like to recommend that you all visit the “Yoko Hanabusa Authorised Fan Club” approved by Hanabusa-sensei. The web master Iyo-san has kindly allowed us non-Japanese to join in and show our appreciation.

Again, a special thank you goes to Vic Isono <3!

14 Responses to “The Official Fan Page”

  1. lovelady says:

    hi there

    thank god cuz i found a guy from japan

    i really need your help

    i have a song in an anime but u dont know what r they saying cuz i dont understand japanese

    so if u can help me and write some of they lyric to make it easier for me to sind the song

    its in this video

    hope u can help me ;)

    thanx ^_^

  2. saffron says:

    I’m not really from Japan and I’m not a guy :P, however, I will help you in your search. The song you are looking is included in the Music Album for the Second Season, 「ハロー!レディリン ヒット曲集」, the 9th Track and name of the song is 9.旅立ちの前夜 “The eve of the journey”
    Part 2

  3. lovelady says:

    oh am so sorry :o

    thankx alot for your help

    can you tell me from where can i down load it ?

    thank u thank u thank u soooo much

  4. saffron says:

    Click Album Part 2 and look to the MP3 Tab “MP3 を抽出” and click it should prompt you to download the file. Note that the tracks 6-10 are in the one file. Play the file and skip to 12:15 and enjoy. Please support Hanabusa-sensei and keep in mind that when fans unite and support then there is hope for this series.

  5. lovelady says:


    I can’t believe that i finalllllly found it :”””””””)

    am reaaaaallly haPpPpPpPy

    thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much saffron

    am attached to this anime very much ,, i just download the DVD version two months ago ..

    Hanabusa-sensei is so amazing .. hope that her series last for ever..

    thanks again ^_^

  6. saffron says:

    DVD version ? Is it in Japanese?

  7. lovelady says:


    the Arabic one :)

  8. eman59 says:

    pleas, how i can download the volumes of little lady rin

    help me

  9. saffron says:

    Hmm, you can check my Affiliate Barcarolles under the links section. Hanabusa-sensei is going through tough times, you can support her by purchasing her manga via Amazon. I’m working on providing translations for the manga in this site.

  10. springgirl says:

    I finished reading Lady and Lady Rin.

    But there is one thing that still gets confused.
    Did Arthur marry Sara because he loves her and want to protect her
    or because of Rin? He sounds as if he is marrying Sara all because of
    Rin and doesn’t sound as if he is marrying Sara because he loves her.

    But when I read the whole story I get a feeling that it is Sara whom Arthur loves and Arthur cherishes Rin as if she were his real sister and part of his family but doesn’t has a romantic feeling towards Rin.

    Is my assumption correct?

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