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The Official Fan Page

Dear Rin Fans,
Hanabusa and all her fans have been through some tough times. However, we must not lose hope. We fans must stick together and show our support and appreciation for her work. I truely would like to recommend that you all visit the “Yoko Hanabusa Authorised Fan Club” approved by Hanabusa-sensei. The web master Iyo-san has kindly allowed us non-Japanese to join in and show our appreciation.

Again, a special thank you goes to Vic Isono <3!

14 Responses to “The Official Fan Page”

  1. springgirl says:

    And who is the guy Charlotte is in love with? Is he the baron who
    was Rin’s coach for the Olympics or Arthur?

    Charlotte is the girl whom Edward’s great aunt wanted to marry her with Edward.

    Even if Charlotte falls in love with Arthur I really hope he doesn’t love

  2. noola says:

    Springgirl can u tell me plz where did u read it from??
    Before all, aas it in English ??
    I was looking for this for a loooooong time now and I tried the link they provided here “Barcarolles” but it seems it was deleted :((
    I would appreciate it if you help me..

  3. chygracee says:

    hello springgirl?!:) please tell us where did you read the series lady! and lady lynn!! I’m a big fan of this manga and i would really appreciate it if you could tell me what happened?.. I’ve been looking for this one but I haven’t find pleaseee..tell us what happened, how did Rin fell inlove with Edward and who is that Charlotte? Did Rin get jealous of her? Is it true that Edward’s family don’t like Rin? And why did George Russell died?

  4. chygracee says:

    @Noola, hi! Barcarolles was no longer working but they have another group that scanlates “Lady!!”..however it is not finished yet and has been idle for months..But according to them..they’re still working in this manga, it’s just they have a tough time nowadays..

    Anyway if want to read the first chapters of lady!! here’s the links!!


    (official site of Meisaku)

    You can also buy the copies of this manga in YESASIA



    Lady Rin!!



    They also have the special edition of Lady!

    Unfortunately, this book doesn’t have an english version..(actually that was also my problem)
    I hope that they would release these series in English so that I would be able to understand the story..

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