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Review of Lady! Vol 1 Complete Edition.

We finally have obtained the volume 1 of Lady! the Complete Edition. The volume contains a special Cover Sleave with a Title in Metallic Pink and a beautiful Floral Background, and features out little Lady holding Amber coloured flowers. The biggest treat is actually inside the volume; where a special section entitled “Lady Memorial Museum Vol1″ is printed full colour featuring all the lovely Art works in which our beloved sensei has created dating back 10 1986! Not only there are pages 386 pages of the Orignal Manga, but also a Bonus 1st volume of her unpublished Doujinshi Lady’s Children and Peter Pan :)! This doujinshi is extremely hard to find. It can only be accessed via mobile service offered in Japan. Thank you Hanabusa-sensei for including this in the complete edition; it was truly a big treat.
We have the ISBN for the next installment that will be release in February and have updated out volumes section.

2 Responses to “Review of Lady! Vol 1 Complete Edition.”

  1. Mangety says:

    HI ALL,
    i would like to than you so much for this nice and wonderfull site concernong lady Rin
    but i want to ask you that this new update but is it translated to Arabic language and from where i can get it
    Menna / Egypt

  2. saffron says:

    Dear, this manga is not officially translated in Arabic; not even in english. Lady!! the manga is still in Japanese. You can view the translations in the translation section, in which I will update in the future.

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