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Bad News

I am saddened to say that the 4th Volume is going to be the last. The blog 愛蔵版レディ!!のブログ will be shut down by the end of August due to various reasons not disclosed by Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd. I cannot express disappointed I am of Shodensha; I want answers. Are we not to hear of our Lady’s story? Will she not complete her dream? Hanabusa-sensei please tell us! Will you write an ending for the stort or is there no end? T___T

9 Responses to “Bad News”

  1. Fagerbling says:

    I understand that you have focused on the manga here, but do you know of any way to get the anime? I wish they would release it on DVD..

  2. saffron says:

    I was not able to find any Japanese DVD’s for either the First Season “Lady!!” nor the second “Hello Lady Rin”. I found VHS of the Movie “OVA”. In addition I stumbled accross a subber whom has subbed the movie. The subber is distributing in DVD. The quality is quite good. I was also able to find Arabic Dubbed anime. Not that the Anime is 36 episodes. That arabic version goes only up to 35 episodes, which is a shame T_T.

  3. Fagerbling says:

    Aah.. That’s too bad.. :( But there is a movie available somewhere then? How can I get that one?

  4. Fagerbling says:

    Aha! I think I found it. :) (The movie at least..)

  5. saffron says:

    Anime miners is where I got mine :). I hope they will release the series in DVD.

  6. Fagerbling says:

    Is the movie just a cut down version of the series? It seems to be the same story.. Same animation?

    In Sweden we had the series too, but it was only the 10 first episodes, or something like that, that they had jammed together into two “movies”. They also cut parts out, that kids of course never notice. But it doesn’t even have a real ending (since it’s only like 10 episodes)!! I’ve been watching the ending on YouTube, in Arabic, which I don’t understand at all. :)

    So yeah, the series on DVD would be perfect! :)

  7. saffron says:

    The movie felt like another filler episode. The opening however is love! I think it was a transition between season 1 and 2. If you want the Arabic DVD’s I can search for you, but again the quality is low. I wonder if there are any Spanish /French releases…

  8. Fagerbling says:

    I got the “movie” from another site actually and just watched it.. When reading about the series on Wiki (!!), the movie pretty much seems like the last two episodes of season 1.. Is that it? (Her finding out that her dad’s getting engaged, and then trying to go back to Japan). At the very end they mention that a movie has been made, “don’t miss it”. I’m all confused. :)

    The Arabic DVD’s of the series? I don’t understand Arabic, but if you find it I’m interested :)

  9. Malak Otb says:

    hey am new here , i can translate the arabic eps into english .. but i need more support ^^

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