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Lady Official Blog for Lady! The Complete Edition

Dear Rin Fans,
Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year!
On the 9th of December, a blog was created for the “The Complete Edition of Lady!!” volume released on the 21st of December. The blog created by member Lady1986 whom seems to be a Shodensha staff and has titled the blog as the “The Official Lady Complete Edition Blog”. The blog has been advertised by Hanabusa Youko’s What’s New blog. The Lady! Complete Treasured Edition Official Blog has mentioned that Hanabusa Youko Sensei will not be participating in the updates.

We have decided to link this page under Official Links.
The Complete Edition of Lady has already been released. We have not yet recieved our copy, however, we will be providing a review of the Book in our next update. Please check the manga volumes section to view the amazing volume cover.

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