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Little Lady Rin Website

Little Lady Rin

Little Lady Rin website is dedicated to promote the Manga “Lady!”  (レデイ!) and it’s sequel “Lady Rin!” (レデイリン!) The purpose of this site is to provide detailed information about the author, publishers, story, characters, and translations of the manga. I will not be providing any scanslations.

Terms of Use

Please do not use any of my scans without permission. I have invested a lot of time and money in order to obtain these as special content for my site and not to mention the time I had to edit them.
Please do not use my translations for scanslations. I encorage fans to buy the original Manga, even though it is in Japanese language. You can use my translations for personal use to assist you in reading and understanding the original manga.

Web Mistress and Disclaimer

I disclaim the story, characters, manga, images; they all belong to Hanabusa-sensei. I would like to disclaim any graphics used on this site belonging to others sites; proper credit is given under the links section. Other than that, this site and it content, less what I have mentioned in the previous statements, belongs to, and has been created by Saffron for education and fan promotion purposes.
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